A WIP no more…

I am….. finished! My first draft of my WIP (which now has a title Yay!) is complete at 74,892 words. Holy crud. I wrote the last sentence about 30 minutes ago and felt a combination of happiness, relief and absolute terror. I’m done. Finite. Fin. In my opinion, the easy part is done. Now I get to edit, rewrite and – GULP- let people read it and seriously consider how I want to present this to the world. I am not ashamed to say the very idea of someone I don’t know and who has no clue as to the content of my story actually reading this and JUDGING my abilities makes me want to delete the whole thing.

But I won’t.

Why? Because I am so very, very proud of this story. It is personal to me. It deals with subject matter that is important to me and my real life outside of the fictional world my mind resides in 99% of the time. Caroline and Max have come to mean a lot to me. I worry about others reading their story and failing to connect with them. I worry that they will fail to see the beauty in Caroline’s discovery of submission. I am concerned that they will overlook the tender after care that exposes the vulnerability in Max.

My WIP is titled “An Education”. I am proud of that title. I think it sums up Caroline and Max’s journey perfectly. But I also think it sums up the journey I went on in writing it.

Anywho…. it’s after 3 am now and my eyes feel like someone shoved sandpaper under my lids. I am off to dream land. I plan on posting another snippet here in a few days. I hope you will take the time to read it and leave your thoughts!!